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U.S. Agent helps foreign firms register their FDA regulated products/establishments with the Food and Drug Administration

U.S. Agent.com located in United States helps foreign companies in food industry, medical device industry and drug industry to register their products or business entities with the United States Food and Drug Administration so that their products can be exported to, marketed and sold in the U.S. market. The FDA requires that foreign companies retain a qualified U.S. Agent to facilitate their communication with the agency when they register their establishments and products. U.S. Agent is here to help register your food facility, medical device establishments and list their products, and register drug establishments and their drugs with the FDA. Please contact us to find out how we can help you. 位于美国的US Agent.com帮助食品工业,医疗器械工业和制药工业的外国公司向美国食品和药物管理局注册其产品或业务实体,以便其产品可以出口到,在市场上销售和出售。 美国市场。 FDA要求外国公司在向美国监管机构注册公司和产品时,必须聘请合格的美国代理商以促进与这些公司的沟通。 美国代理商在这里帮助注册您的食品机构,医疗器械机构并列出其产品,并向FDA注册药品机构及其药品。 请与我们联系以了解我们如何为您提供帮助。

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